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Scuba Diving thumbnail This Scuba Diving news page includes headlines, articles, and citations about scuba diving and scuba news from diverse, English-language news sources around the world. News articles are ordered by publication date, with the newest article listed first and the oldest article listed last.
  • Will The Sport Of Scuba Diving End By 2050?
    Will our collapsing coral reefs kill the SCUBA diving industry, too? An interview with PADI sheds light on the future of the sport.
    Forbes.  Friday, 2 Jun 2017.
  • 10 Must-Dive Destinations For 2017
    If you ever needed motivation to take the plunge into scuba diving (pun intended), these incredible dive destinations are it.
    Forbes.  Monday, 13 Mar 2017.
  • Whales in the wild: rare gem amid Thailand mass tourism
    Once a dream for scuba divers, many of Thailand's coral reefs have been dulled by pollution, over-fishing and increased boat traffic, as well as over-enthusiastic swimmers. ...
    Yahoo.  Tuesday, 13 Dec 2016.
  • Diver wearing scuba diving equipment
    Diver wearing scuba diving equipment
  • Sculptures That Change With the Tides
    Explore Doug Aitken’s underwater sculptures, accessible only to scuba divers off the coast of Catalina Island in California.
    New York Times.  Saturday, 19 Nov 2016.
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  • Scubapro Recalls Dive Computers Due to Serious Injury Hazard
    A short circuit allows the dive computer’s screen to freeze or display inaccurate information, posing a risk of serious injury to a diver underwater, including decompression sickness.
    Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016.
  • Technosport Recalls Omersub Scuba Mask Due to Injury Hazard
    Non-conforming glass was used for the lens, which can shatter during normal use, posing an injury hazard.
    Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Tuesday, 30 Jun 2015.

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