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  • South African lawyers demand $130m refund from firms
    The money is linked to a corruption-plagued consultancy deal involving state power company, Eskom.
    BBC News.  Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018.
  • Open Banking 'revolution' to challenge banks' dominance
    Fraud worries persist as the Open Banking system promises to change the way we manage our money.
    BBC News.  Friday, 12 Jan 2018.
  • Cape York Indigenous man ordered to repay $370K in mining royalties
    The Federal Court finds Ankamuthi man Larry Woosup struck a secret deal with mining company Gulf Alumina and siphoned off more than $250,000 without his people's knowledge, and orders him to repay the money by February.
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  Friday, 8 Dec 2017.
  • Pile of US money
    Pile of US money
  • WSFS Financial, SoFi to offer cash management account
    The Delaware bank will process payments and provide debit card sponsorship services for SoFi Money, which is set to debut next year.
    American Banker.  Acquired Thursday, 7 Dec 2017.
  • Money Flow Can Be An Influencer
    Grain markets are caught in the holiday markets syndrome. The number of fundamental events affecting the markets are reduced as farmers complete harvest.​
    Farm Journal Media.  Tuesday, 5 Dec 2017.
  • Go Fund a Hero Raises Money for United States Marine Injured While Aiding Others
    OKINAWA, Japan - On Friday, December 1, 2017 at 0500am Master Sergeant Trujillo was headed to work to PT with his Marines. As he was driving on the expressway, he witnessed an accident. ... ...
    Business Wire.  Tuesday, 5 Dec 2017.
  • Want to save a ton of money? Try Pigovian tax avoidance: Neil Macdonald
    If we all stopped drinking and strived to obey every single silly little parking and traffic regulation, what would happen? It would create chaos — just as it would disrupt credit card companies if everyone paid in full each month.
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Tuesday, 5 Dec 2017.
  • Report: FCA Wants to Partner With Hyundai on Transmissions
    Fiat Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne has long advocated that auto industry players work together to avoid wasting money developing the same technologies. Now, the automaker is interested in forming a technical partnership with Hyundai. ...
    Motor Trend.  Monday, 4 Dec 2017.
  • Lexus seeks conquests with 3-row RX
    Lexus figures it has been leaving money on the table for years because it lacked a three-row variant of the segment-leading RX crossover. That's about to change.  Monday, 4 Dec 2017.
  • Airlines making billions with extra charges for customers
    Air Canada is among the top ten airlines in the world when it comes to earning so-called ancillary revenue — basically, money from all those extra fees — according to reports from a U.S. research company that tracks airline revenue.
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  Sunday, 3 Dec 2017.
  • Geely Wants Lotus to Take on Porsche and Ferrari
    Earlier this year, Chinese conglomerate Geely purchased control of Lotus from Proton Motors. The move gave Geely a sports car brand while also ensuring that Lotus would have the money it needs to redesign its aging lineup of vehicles. ...
    Motor Trend.  Saturday, 2 Dec 2017.
  • M&T finally seems ready for another bank acquisition
    Five years have passed since M&T agreed to buy Hudson City, only to be tripped up by anti-money-laundering issues. With a clean bill of health from regulators and Hudson integrated, management is again talking about its interest in deals.
    American Banker.  Acquired Friday, 1 Dec 2017.

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